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ECCON Land*  is a part of the ECCON GROUP©, that since 2000 has been instrumental in the development of the construction industry. The work of the ECCON GROUP© includes 18 years of conducting intellectual business aimed at the improvement of the financial results of construction companies and developers in Russia. 
Offices of ECCON Land are located in Moscow, Baden (Austria) and Nur-Sultan (Kazakhstan).


ECCON Land generates solutions that create business value based on innovative technologies for environmental design in construction projects.


ECCON Land creates landscape design of spaces that increases the value of the project and its sales revenue. The main value of the spaces created lies in the perceptions of people who find themselves in such spaces. Delight, inspiration and joy. Desire to spend more time there, to see, breath, enjoy and regain internal resources for future self-fulfillment.


Specialists at ECCON Land use love to open the soul of each space with the help of architectural and landscape instruments and the world of plants.

In 2019 ECCON Land merged with the Austrian company Maschinenhof that focuses on the construction of infrastructure in city and natural environments (relief transformation, creation of artificial water bodies, ski slopes and bike trails).


*Until November 2018 ECCON Land was a part of the company Public Space, which went through reorganization.

  • Business consultant in the area of cost management in construction projects and strategic marketing.

  • DBA (Doctor of business administration) from RANEPA (The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration).

  • A public activist promoting the idea of salutogenic design.

  • Head of the work group on pricing under the Russian Ministry of Construction.

  • Landscape designer since 2008. Cum laude diploma from the Higher School of Landscape Architecture and design of the Moscow Institute of Architecture and the Japanese School SOGETSU.

Winner of the following exhibitions and competitions:

  • Third place at the International Festival Moscow Flower Show in the Art Object category, for the project “Ribbon-bench in abstractionism style” (2013).

  • First prize in the competition conducted by the Russian Presidential Administration “Sheremetyevo Landscapes” for the project Dendro-park of Wassily Kandinsky (2014);

  • First prize at the Urban Awards “Best residential complex of comfort class” for the project Residential Complex April Park, Kaskad Family” (2017);

  • First prize at the Move Realty Awards for the “Project of the year in low-rise construction in the Moscow area” for the project “Residential Complex April Park, Kaskad Family” (2018).

She is a fan of the works of Wassily Kandinsky, Zaha Hadid and Vivienne Westwood.

The founder and head of the ECCON GROUP since 2000.


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Landscape architect and junior partner at ECCON Land. BA in Architecture from the State University of Land Use Planning, studied at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and the Moscow Institute of Architecture.

Conducting surveys including the analytical base for the social and cultural model of the park for the International Consortium project “Zaryadye Park” and for the Russian Union of Architects.

Preparation of the general plan for the transformation of a territory in the center of Moscow into the largest creative city cluster called ArtQuarter – an experimental site for creative industries that transform the city. Worked on the team of architects at the project planning stage together with Martin Stockley, a leading British expert in public space design and specialist in anthropogenic environment.

Architect of landscape projects for the KASKAD Family group of companies and author of landscaping concepts for such developers as Troyka Red (3Red), Zamitino, as well as developer of the concept for the landscaping for the Special Economic Zone Stupino Kvadrat.

She is inspired by Gertrude Jekyll, Daniel Libeskind and Shigeru Ban.

Junior partner.



A partner at ECCON Land. Infrastructure construction engineer in urban and natural environment.

Projects implemented:

  • Lake for artificial - snow, Semmering 2007

  • Water reservoir for snow making system, Mariazell 2011

  • Building ski slopes and ski ways in very sensible nature zone in Westkaukasus, Russia 2012

  • Pipeline construction, Norway 2013

  • Reorganisation from wild country to agrar fields in Kärnten, Austria 2014

  • Transport – pipeline Ø 1.100 for electric power system, 2014

  • Ski jump area Olympic games, Sotschi 2014

  • Slope construction, Krasnaja Poljana 2014

  • Ski area Okhta Park and winter sport center slope construction, Russia St. Petersburg 2014

  • Nordic ski jump center Eisenerz, Austria 2015



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Corporate style design, street navigation, printed materials.


Olga Buldas

Sales Manager


Work with clients, organization of corporate university seminars, registration of participants for events.


Head of all processes at the construction site, selection and control of contractors.


Registration and verification of contracts, acts and other documentation.


Sergey Lipin

System Administrator


Ekaterina Korobtsova

English translator


Anna Andrievskaya

German translator